50 Chilling UFO Movies Not For The Faint Of Heart

By | October 21, 2022

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Movies about aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial lifeforms are inherently engrossing. Science fiction allows us to explore ourselves while looking to the stars. In some films outer space is full of wonder and whimsy, but there are just as many sci-fi movies about aliens and their majestic crafts that are absolutely terrifying.

The following movies about alien life and their trips to Earth are full of UFOs of all kinds, from flying saucers to swamp gas, and even a couple of pieces of space debris thrown in for fun. Which is your favorite UFO? Sound off in the comments!

2001: A Space Odyssey

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source: Warner Bros.

Leave it to Stanley Kubrick to make what is easily the greatest UFO movie of all time. Sure, we're simplifying Kubrick's work, but this story about an alien civilization pushing man into the next phase of existence has to be held up as the pinnacle of the science fiction genre.

How Cool Is The UFO: Very cool! Rather than use the standard flying saucer Kubrick came up with a smooth, onyx monolith. Now that's traveling in style.