I'm Your Venus: Lyrics And Meaning Of The Shocking Blue/Bananarama #1

By | February 7, 2021

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Left: Shocking Blue. Right: single sleeve for Bananarama's 'Venus.' Sources: GAB Archive/Redferns; Discogs

"She's got it, yeah baby she's got it" -- the catchy chorus of "Venus" by Dutch pop group Shocking Blue was so infectious it topped the Billboard Hot 100 twice, thanks to a remake by British club music trio Bananarama. Nobody could have guessed that a song about a goddess (or “godness”) complete with mispronounced lyrics would have reached number one on the charts even once, let alone twice. By borrowing segments from other tunes, Shocking Blue crossed international borders when they released "Venus" in 1969. The bizarre tune has been through many periods to get to the point where it was even used in razor commercials for the brand of the same name Venus.

Shocking Blue Was Struggling To Achieve Fame Outside Of Their Home Country

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Shocking Blue, sometimes billed as "The" Shocking Blue, was a Dutch band that formed in The Hauge, in The Netherlands, in 1967. They were heavily involved in the popular hippie culture of the era and released many hits in their home country including "Send Me A Postcard" and "Love Voice."  Their female lead singer Mariska Veres gave an evocative tone to these songs with her haunting, Grace-Slick style voice that added incredible depth to the band’s music. Shocking Blue tended to lean towards a garage-sounding style that was fused with catchy melodies that added elements of pop. It was with the release of "Venus" that they finally received recognition on global scale.