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By | December 8, 2016

My brothers and sisters! Welcome to GroovyHistory…where we share in all the positive vibes of our past, and strengthen our humanity through our bitch’n shared history. Surprise…you may never have read about some of this stuff in history books, but will always be able to relive it on GroovyHistory!

We are a community that never gave in to “The Man”, practiced free love and peace on Earth…and always got down when there was a chance to boogie. Can you dig it!?!

So here’s the skinny on GroovyHistory.com, where you get to relive the far out culture of the 60’s and 70’s! The era of groovy was all about music, festivals, where icons were created, epic stories were told, and culture was changed forever. This community was created to keep this amazing time alive, so we can continue to celebrate the dynamite past, connect rad people all around the world, and provide a platform for you to share your own Groovy experiences!

Enjoy and we’ll catch ya later…rock on!

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GroovyHistory is a community dedicated to sharing in the nostalgia of our dynamic historical past. Our writers are seriously passionate about sharing their experiences and interpretations of the groovy era and it results in extraordinary reader engagement.

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Our goal is to start with amazing content that drives our audiences organically and from social channels. Because our content is 100% unique, our readers love to comment on our posts, share with their friends, and come back to the site to read what is new. We are developing an ecosystem of value that our readers appreciate and our advertisers benefit from.

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Are you passionate about historical content? Do you have any cool experiences from the 60’s and 70’s you would like to share with the world? Are you a writer that would like to become part of our writer network? You’ve come to the right place! We would love to hear from you.

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