The Star Wars Holiday Special: A Bizarre Drug-Trip Space Christmas (Or Thanksgiving)

By | November 15, 2019

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If this looks like Art Carney talking to a Wookiee, that's because it is. Art Carney as Saundan and Patty Maloney, as a Wookie named Lumpy. Photo by CBS via Getty Images

The galaxy far, far away was a gold mine after the success of Star Wars: Episode IV in 1977. Why not a holiday special? That somewhat reasonable thinking is what gave us the Star Wars Holiday Special, a kind of variety show, kind of a drama, starring Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, and Art Carney. It's about “Life Day,” which is essentially Wookiee Christmas. None of the special makes sense, it barely connects to the larger plot of Star Wars, and your favorite characters are hardly in it, and that’s why you have to see it.

After airing in 1978, the special was shelved by George Lucas who was so ashamed of the hour and a half long show that he tried to deny its existence for years. Thankfully hundreds of fans recorded the special, VHS tapes have circulated for years, and now it lives online. The holiday special is truly so strange and it will melt your brain, you’ve got to see it. 

What The Millennium Falcon Is 'Life Day?'

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source: CBS

It’s not Christmas, it’s not Hanukkah, it’s something else entirely. The only thing that the characters care about in this special is getting Chewbacca home for life day, a “time-honored holiday observed by the Wookiees on their forested home planet of Kashyyyk in the galaxy's Mid Rim.” At least that’s what the Star Wars wiki says, there’s really no way to know what’s going on with this holiday because none of the characters in the special ever explain it to the audience. Even if they did there’s a good chance that retaining the information would be impossible to retain because of the psychotic storyline of this strange holiday special.