Eerie Vintage Photos Not Meant For The Public

Kurt Russell Was Getting His Flirt On with Mary Kay Place in "Captain Ron". 

Every picture tells a story. The photos you will see in this collection are no different. These snapshots of life may be fun to look at, but the real thrill comes from the backstories of each photo and the tantalizing tidbits they reveal. As you scroll through these images, you will be reminded that the people of the past – from movie stars and singers to ordinary people who became celebrities by accident – lived very rich and very human lives, full of ups and downs, lucky breaks and bad choices. 

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(Source: IMDB)

In the 1992 adventure comedy, Captain Ron, Kurt Russell plays a quirky, one-eyed, laid-back, kinda shady, Caribbean boat captain that is hired by an uptight American family with comedian Martin Short as the worrywart husband. The wife, played by Mary Kay Place, had a thing for shirtless, one-eyed, pirate-like sea captains, as you can probably tell from this still shot from the film. That is, until they encounter real pirates. Critic at the time panned Captain Ron and wondered about the wisdom of casting Kurt Russell in the comedic role and Martin Short in the serious role, but fans didn’t seem to care.