The Blob That Terrorized Small Town Pennsylvania

Source: (MUBI).

In 1958, The Blob was unleashed on the world. The film, which starred Steve McQueen as a teenager named Steve Andrews, was set in a small, rural Pennsylvania town in July 1957. In the film, while Steve Andrews and his girlfriend Jane Martin (Aneta Corsault) are kissing on lover’s lane, they see a meteorite crash. The old man who lives nearby gets to the meteorite first, and starts to poke it with a stick. When it breaks open, the blob, which is only a small globule at that point, emerges and attaches itself to his hand.

In pain, the old man runs onto the road, and is struck by Steve’s car; Steve and Jane then take him to Doctor Hallen (Stephen Chase). In the doctor’s office, the blob consumes the man, followed by the nurse, and then starts to consume Doctor Hallen. Steve and Jane, who the Doctor had sent out, return to see the Doctor trying to escape through the window, with the blob covering him. Each time the blob consumes someone, it increases in size. Steve and Jane then head to the police station and bring the Lieutenant and Sergeant back with them. However, there is no sign of the large gelatinous monster, which has continued on its journey.