Who Wore Short Shorts? In The 1970s, Men Wore Short Shorts

By | June 14, 2018

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Dan 'Grizzly Adams' Haggerty on 'Battle Of The Network Stars,' 1977. Photo by ABC via Getty Images

Have you ever noticed how revealing men's shorts were in the 1970s? Those shorts were short. The 1970s was a time of liberation, of "anything goes," and people were putting their bodies out there and feeling proud of them. The Woodstock era had taught us to be free, to question authority in general -- and in particular, to question traditional stuffy attire. If you've got it, flaunt it was one of the mantras of the '70s -- and on dance floors during the disco era, there was lots of flaunting going on. People simply weren't afraid to show skin, as they had been, and no body part had quite the coming-out party as the male leg did. Long pants were for dads and, like, bankers and businessmen. Shaggy hair and short shorts were a popular and perfectly fashionable combo.

What we call "shorts" today are, by '70s standards, a throwback to the ballooning knickerbockers of the early 20th century. If we're talking about wearing some groovy shorts, man -- they should be, you know, short

Who Wore Short Shorts? Everybody Wore Short Shorts

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Robert Redford and Paul Newman in shorts in the late '60s; Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett in shorts. Sources: Pinterest (2)

Women’s shorts weren’t the only thing going short-short in the 1970s. Men were showing a lot more thigh, too. It seems that the overall style of the decade was skimpy -- for both men and women -- as we will see with this overview of men’s short styles of the 1970s. The seventies was a time when women were pushing for gender equality while also acknowledging their own sexuality. Rather than continuing to be the object of lustful attention, women became to ones doing the ogling. And the men of the '70s gave them plenty to look at by wearing short, tight shorts.