Catherine Bach As Daisy Duke: How The Jean Shorts Got Their Name

By | October 17, 2017

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Catherine Bach on the set of the television show, 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' July 1980. (Photo by Fotos International/Getty Images); IMDB

Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke wasn't billed as the main attraction of The Dukes Of Hazzard, but audiences who watched the show came to appreciate her just as much as her cousins Bo and Luke. Those cousins (yes, Bo and Luke and Daisy were all cousins) entertained boys and young men with their muscle car antics on the back roads of Hazzard County, ripping out a "yee haw!" as the General Lee flew through the air. Daisy spent her days waiting tables at the Boar's Nest and breaking hearts in her cutoff jean shorts -- a style today known as Daisy Dukes. You know you're a cultural icon when the style of hot pants you wore are now named after you. It's hard to find The Dukes Of Hazzard on TV these days, but everyone knows what Daisy Dukes are. 

Bo and Luke Duke regularly wreaked havoc, driving their '69 Dodge Charger all over Hazzard County, Georgia -- Daisy had a pretty sweet ride herself, a yellow 1972 Plymouth Road Runner. They all lived on a farm with their Uncle Jesse Duke. The Duke boys were notorious for finding trouble although their intentions were mostly admirable. They were Robin Hood-like characters always trying to thwart County Commissioner Boss Hogg’s dishonest schemes and in turn, helped people in need. One thing we could always count on was that their iconic car, the General Lee, and Daisy were usually involved in some way.  

Daisy Was Always In The Right Place At The Right Time

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As the story went, the three cousins were orphaned and sent to live with their Uncle Jesse. Daisy worked as a waitress at the Boar’s Nest, a local watering hole, owned by Boss Hogg. The fictional Hazzard County was rural, without a lot of options -- so the Boar's Nest was one of the only social gathering places around. Although her character was a waitress, Daisy aspired to be so much more; a singer/songwriter and a journalist.