The Groovy Style Of The Post-Hippie 1970's

Double Dose 24th March 1971: Twins Barbara and Elaine Rogers, wearing the latest hot pants fashion craze, are both students at the London College of Fashion. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

Hot pants, along with mini skirts, was the greatest fashion gift to men. Launched in Britain by fashion designer Mary Quant during the “Swinging London” era, these super short shorts were fashionable until the early 1970's. At the end of the year, LIFE Magazine summed up the 1970's style this way: “Hot Pants: A short but happy career.”

Hot Pants Sell Seats

Southwest Airlines of Texas in the 1970's required that stewardesses had to be able to wear hot pants and leather boots or they weren't hired for the job. In keeping with the airline’s motto, ‘sex sells seats’, girls were selected for their looks and their pretty legs. No one was surprised about the in-flight drinks with names like ‘Passion Punch’ and ‘Love Potion’.