The Largest Hydrogen Bomb Test In Human History That Literally Shook The World

By Kellar Ellsworth
The hydrogen test heard around the world. (wonderfulengineering)

The Cold War between America and the Soviet Union provoked more saber-rattling than “Game Of Thrones”. During that tense period, the two mightiest countries on Earth postured for global supremacy in every conceivable way. From the space race to political maneuvering the United States and Soviets tirelessly worked for every possible advantage.

Of course, the development of their nuclear arsenals and other weapons of mass destruction became an especially consequential focal point for each side. In response to American advancements, the Soviets feverishly expanded their weapons program. Their testing of the “Tsar Bomba” in 1961 unleashed the largest nuclear explosion in the history of man.