60 Eerie Photos From Forgotten Moments In History

By Sarah Norman | November 12, 2023

This mining horse posing for the camera with co-workers.

There are stories from history that everyone thinks they know inside and out, but as these photos show there’s always more than one way to look at something or someone. Just because the Queen of England looks stodgy right now doesn’t mean that she wasn’t playful in the 1950s, and even though we think of the Great Depression as being a real drag, there were people who knew how to pass the time in interesting ways.

Whether you’re curious about forgotten wars, abandoned buildings, or animals from the late 19th century, we’ve got something here for you. Relax and get ready to learn about forgotten pieces of history, read on!

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Mining horses, otherwise known as “pit ponies” replaced children working in mines during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The horses started working after a mine was flooded in 1838, killing 26 children who were working as trappers. When mining horses were first put to use they were brought into pull carts and move coal throughout the tunnels in which they worked.

By 1913 there were 70,000 mining horses working in English coal mines. While Shetland ponies were being used across the pond, American coal mines tended to use donkeys. Throughout the early 20th century there was a lot of regulation that went into using pit ponies, and by the 1960s these mining horses were phased out.

A pretty 'Gibson Girl' named Eva Mae "Doll" Copple from Nebraska, early 1900s.

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Gibson Girls were a unique kind model. Rather than having their pictures taken, these young women were illustrated by artist Charles Dana Gibson from the late 19th century into the early 20th century. While real women modeled for him, Gibson believed that these girls were a combination of girls from all over America, almost like they’re a special brand of American girl.

These illustrations were seen as a depiction of contemporary society where women were dainty creatures who were also voluptuous, essentially they were meant to be everything to everyone. Aside from their ease of nature, the easiest way to spot a Gibson Girl was the pile of curls on top of her head.