10 Concept Cars Of The '60s We Wish Had Been Made

By | October 1, 2019

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Left: The 1960 Plymouth XNR. Right: A look into the Lamborghi Marzal through its window-like side door. Sources: RM Sotheby's; Wikimedia Commons

Concept cars of the 1960s reflected the era's science-fiction inspired futurism, along with real innovation and the mod styling that is appealing even 50 years later. The Plymouth XNR from 1960, the Chrysler Turboflite from 1961, the Lamborghini Marzal from 1967, the Alfa Romeo Carabo from 1968 -- are these freaky visions of a future that failed to come true? Or were they more prescient than we give them credit for being?

A concept car can be laden with working, innovative features, it can be more of an eye-catching shell. Substance, style or both -- there are no requirements for a concept car, but one hopes that it will at least look cool. And these ten concept cars of the '60s did. Wouldn't you love to have one in the garage? 

Alfa Romeo Carabo

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Source: (classicdriver.com)

The Carabo, a name that was derived from ‘carabidae,’ a family of green and gold ground beetles, was designed to be aerodynamic. The engine was mounted amidships, thus allowing the designers to create a car with a pointed hood. The car also hugged the ground and was less than a meter high at its highest point. Additionally, it had a square rear, giving it quite the distinctive shape. It also had front hinged wing doors and headlights hidden beneath flaps. The Carabo inspired the wedge-shaped designs that became popular with elite manufacturers in the ‘70s and ‘80s, for example, the Lotus Esprit and Lamborghini Countach.