Roller Disco was the Groovy Combination of Skating and Disco Music in the 1970's

By | March 19, 2018

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February 5th,1979: An acrobatic dancer doing the splits in mid-air at a roller disco. (Photo by Chris Moorhouse/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

The 1970’s was quite possibly the biggest decade of the popular activity of roller skating. Early on roller skating was always billed as a sport or a leisurely activity. That being said, roller skating became more than that. It had become a notable, historical phenomenon.

Roller skating in the 1970’s groovy era had become a craze!

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Part of the 1970's, also known as the groovy era, found people becoming roller skating freaks! People were not only roller skating as a form of recreation, but also as a means of transportation. Roller skates were being worn as shoes, much like an accessory. Everyone was getting in on it!

The concept of roller discos originated as a fad in the 1970s during the height of the disco craze.

A roller disco is a discothèque or roller skating rink where dancers wear roller skates of some kind to dance. The music played in the 70’s roller discos were (then) modern with a beat that was easy to dance to. 

By the 70’s, roller skates had been around for a long time. They were actually invented in the 18th century. They fully realized their hay day was in the mid-70’s and 80’s. Around the same time, disco music was also becoming popular. This was most likely a coincidence by boy did they go together. It was about this time that people were ready for a new craze and, VOILA… roller disco was born!

Roller rinks were popular hangout spots.