10 Heartbreaking Things You Didn't Know About The Beatles' Final Performance

By Sarah Norman | May 17, 2023

Everyone was on edge during rehearsals

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source: Hulu

During rehearsals, McCartney was pushy, which is putting it politely. George Harrison hated working with McCartney because he didn’t have any say in the parts he played. According to Harrison, he was told what to play, when to play it, and at what tempo. The same went for Starr. Even Lennon, who had his own songs, was tired of working things out with the bassist.

Eric Clapton almost joined the band at this point

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After Harrison quit, John Lennon tossed around the idea of replacing the guitarist with Eric Clapton, but a few days later the band managed to get back together and reach and agreement. Harrison said he would rejoin the band if the group stopped talking about a live show and stopped working at Twickenham.