Beatle Mania - When The World Fell In Love

By | November 29, 2016

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Man, there is something about the 1960's that makes me feel nostalgic for something I never even lived through. The birth of The Beatles and the craze history calls Beatlemania that followed is definitely one of those things I wish I could of been a part of. I think we all know that The Beatles started out as young lads; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Even typing the names give me goosebumps. Call it a stroke of luck, impeccable timing, or give credit to The Ed Sullivan Show, the mop top fab four collected more underwear and tears from women than should ever be allowed.

In 1963, before The Beatles ever set foot in America, their fame was already well on its way in England. Their pop ballads were hitting number one on the charts and the rest of the world hadn't even tuned in yet. It wasn't until Ed Sullivan spotted the young boys in London's Heathrow airport with droves of young teenage girls waiting to see them that they got their chance. The Beatles booked a gig three weeks later on the Ed Sullivan Show in early February of 1964.

Sick with anticipation on the flight over to New York, the band was shocked to find 3,000 fans already waiting for them to land. They amused viewers of their first press conference with their matching suits and hair along with their clad humor that would be coined "Beatlewit". On February 9, 1964, seventy-five million viewers would tune in to watch the ever popular Ed Sullivan Show to watch The Beatles debut,the crowd in complete hysteria. 

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What happened over the course of nine days in America was a complete phenomenon. Not only had The Beatles sold over two million singles, they were a tabloid frenzy

Initially, Beatlemania was a term used to describe the hysteria surrounding fans as a true mental illness. Kind of messed up that studies were trying to prove millions of young girls were mentally ill.