The 20 Best Songs By The Beatles

By | September 2, 2022

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Picking the best Beatles songs is like picking the best piece of cake, no matter what you bite into it's going to be sweet. Maybe that's not the best analogy but you get what we're saying, The Beatles wrote a mind-boggling amount of good songs and on any given day the top 20 is going to change a little.

That being said we've done our best to put together a definitive list of the 20 best songs recorded by John, Paul, George, and Ringo, the Lads from Liverpool who changed music forever and essentially wrote the book on pop music and rock n roll that artists are still cribbing from today.

Have a different top 20? Let us know. You really can't go wrong with anything by The Fab Four.

A Day In The life

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Coming in at the end of Sgt. Pepper, "A Day in the Life" is the sound of the Beatles establishing themselves as pop geniuses to be reckoned with. Following their performance in San Francisco on August 29th, 1966, the band essentially retired from live performances, exhausted by the constant thrum of the press cycle.

Rather than break up they became a collective that primarily worked in the studio, and with Sgt. Pepper created an album full of psychedelic pop perfection that ends with Lennon singing about the mundanity of death set to a grand orchestration that's still unmatched today. While speaking about the song in 1992, producer George Martin said that Lennon's voice on this song "sends shivers down the spine."

Listen: A Day In The Life