The Star Wars Holiday Special: A Bizarre Drug-Trip Space Christmas (Or Thanksgiving) 

By Sarah Norman | December 18, 2023

A Strange Idea From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to embark on a journey to a galaxy far, far away—a journey unlike any other in the Star Wars universe. We proudly present to you the Star Wars Holiday Special, a 1978 television extravaganza that's like the oddball cousin at a family reunion—endearing, unforgettable, and slightly, well, quirky. Airing on November 17, 1978, on CBS, this special is set in the beloved Star Wars universe, directed by the daring Steve Binder. Nestled snugly between the original film and the then-secretive sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, it features our favorite Star Wars stalwarts, with a side of the enigmatic Boba Fett thrown in for good measure. So, if you're a fan of lightsabers, Wookiees, and intergalactic festivities, buckle up, because this is one ride through the stars you won't want to miss. Ready for the cosmic rollercoaster of the Star Wars Holiday Special? Well, grab your blasters and hyperspace on over to the next page to uncover the mysteries of this delightful pop culture oddity!

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The Piece Of Star Wars History Everyone Wants To Forget

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The galaxy far, far away was a gold mine after the success of Star Wars: Episode IV in 1977. Why not a holiday special? That somewhat reasonable thinking is what gave us the Star Wars Holiday Special, a kind of variety show, kind of a drama, starring Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, and Art Carney. It's about “Life Day,” which is essentially Wookiee Christmas. None of the special makes sense, it barely connects to the larger plot of Star Wars, and your favorite characters are hardly in it, and that’s why you have to see it.