Carrie Fisher And The Dirty Name She Used To Describe Herself...

Entertainment | November 1, 2017

Actress, Carrie Fisher, is probably best known for portraying the beautiful space Princess Leia on the epic, science fiction blockbuster, Star Wars. If you remember Fisher, you may, or may not, know her for being an outspoken, straight-talking, strong-willed woman and actress who never made any apologies for her statements and/or her behavior. These characteristics had nothing to do with her public status. That is just who she was.   

Fisher was born with show business blood running through her veins. She was the daughter of classic show-biz personalities, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. There is no way she could not be in the public eye. Her parents were well known and loved so it only reasons that she would follow in their footsteps or, at the very least, be of public interest.  

Because of her parents’ celebrity status, Carrie Fisher was born with an unbelievable legacy to live up to. Despite this fact, she was not moved to follow in their footsteps but, instead, made her own way and her own legacy. She was successful in her own right and was well known for her unapologetic, sassy style. Fisher was always candid, funny and, above all, indiscreet. She could always be counted on to give the most inappropriate, yet so profound statements. At times her mother, although unsuccessfully, attempted to reign her in regarding her candid opinions and commentary. All bets were off though, as Carrie Fisher was her own woman. She said and did whatever she wanted.

Fisher recounts partying with the Rolling Stones one night up to 2 hours before going on-set to a movie filming. She seemingly had a vicious hangover although she admitted that she was not hungover; she was still drunk! The fact that she wasn’t a drinker at the time made it all the worse. She claimed that she only drank at the time to be included in the “fun” but she was not seasoned enough to handle the consequences.  

Being true to herself, Carrie Fisher always enjoyed an inappropriate joke. She once recalled how Billy Dee Williams “talked dirty to her” between takes on the filming of a Star Wars scene. She recounted how she reveled in her fellow actor saying something “filthy” during filming. She said she always loved working with him.

After being shown footage of some of her “kissing” scenes on film in Star Wars, Fisher says that she thinks of herself as a “space slut.” She doesn’t deny, though, that she also thought the scenes looked “hot.” Just another example of her non-apologetic position.

Carrie Fisher admitted that she was no good, in fact horrible, at keeping secrets when it came to movie scripts. She just couldn’t keep from leaking the “spoilers.” She didn’t understand what the big deal was about! She was a self-proclaimed blabber of secret particulars. As far as she was concerned, “it is just a movie!”

While, more recently, Carrie Fisher had been absent from current acting roles, she was never off the grid as far as America was concerned. She recently left this earth on December 27, 2016 but she will long be remembered for her contribution to Star Wars and to American entertainment as well.  

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