Carrie Fisher And The Dirty Name She Used To Describe Herself

By | November 1, 2017

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Carrie Fisher photographed in Daily Mirror studio, London, Friday 3rd June 1983. (Photo by Doreen Spooner/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

Carrie Fisher was Princess Leia for a generation who grew up on Star Wars movies -- she played other roles in other films during her career, for sure, but she really was Princess Leia. Fisher was also a character off-screen, a writer of memoirs with a wicked sense of humor. She had grown up in Hollywood, the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, and was known as a straight shooter in a place where superficiality and empty politeness was often the safest option. When Carrie Fisher, our Princess Leia and resident truth-teller, died on December 27, 2016, Star Wars fans mourned the loss.

Carrie Fisher stories abound -- her interesting way of looking at the weird world of Hollywood, and her colorful way of expressing herself, will keep us talking about her for years to come. 

She Partied All Night Long With The Stones Before Filming The Cloud City Scenes In 'Empire Strikes Back'

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In 2015, Carrie Fisher appeared at Star Wars Celebration, the massive annual fan gathering, and shared some stories and observations about life as Princess Leia in the early days of the Star Wars phenomenon. A Daily Telegraph story captured some of her best anecdotes.

Fisher recounted partying with the Rolling Stones and Eric Idle (of Monty Python) all night long -- not knocking off until about two hours before going on set with her co-star Harrison Ford. She seemingly had a vicious hangover although she admitted that she was not hungover; she was still drunk! The fact that she wasn’t a drinker at the time made it all the worse. 

"We weren’t hung over, we were still in our cups. And if you watch the movie you can see that: Harrison and I are smiling as we arrived in Cloud City." 

She claimed that she only drank at the time to be included in the “fun” but she was not seasoned enough to handle the consequences.