The Great '80s Hair Expansion

By | January 29, 2022

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In the '80s size was everything. vingtageeveryday

When it comes to the ‘80s, the saying “bigger is better” applied to everything from cars to stereo systems but most of all, hair. From hair metal bands to Aqua Net infused ‘fros that could double as parachutes, the era of excess truly went buck wild when it came to their frizzy follicles.

Crimps, curls, perms, and even mullets all grew to outsized proportions during the decade epitomized by greed. While it’s tempting to write all these oversized hairdos as white people gone crazy, African Americans also got in the act with outrageous Jheri Curls and amazing afros. Here’s the history of outsized ‘80s hair.

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The era of excess indeed. vintageeveryday

‘80s Hair Evolution

When you’re tracking the evolution of anything, looking back at the history leading up to said evolution can answer a lot of your questions. While the ‘60s was the era of hippies, the ‘70s truly began an era of independence, especially for women.

With the anti-war and anti-establishment sentiments in full swing, women began rocking longer, more uncontrolled, and unstyled hairdos that told the world “I’ll wear my wear however I want and there’s nothing you can do about it.” While that empowerment remains wildly applaudable, the ‘80s took that autonomous attitude to a hilarious or cringeworthy level, depending on your age.