Led Zeppelin Groupies: Stories, Truth, Myths, & Proof About Groupie Life

By | February 26, 2021

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Singer Robert Plant (left), drummer John Bonham (on right with beard), guitarist Jimmy Page (background) and bassist John Paul Jones (with drinks) of the rock band 'Led Zeppelin' adorned with various groupies in Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco in June

During the golden age of rock 'n roll groupies, Led Zeppelin epitomized rock-star recklessness and excess. While any band might have groupies, Zeppelin took the debauchery to another level -- at least, that's what rock 'n roll legend says. How much of the Zeppelin groupie mythology is true?

The band was already known for their wild antics, which included trashing hotel rooms, driving motorcycles through buildings, throwing televisions out of hotel room windows, getting cursed by filmmaker Kenneth Anger, and the accusations of subliminal Satanic messages hidden in their songs. But perhaps the most infamous of their stories are the ones that involved the defilement of masses of females who threw themselves at the band. 

They Were With The Band

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Groupie group The GTOs. Source: Pinterest

Groupie culture was booming during this era as sex made up the rock ‘n’ roll essence and thousands of girls travelled around the world with these rockstars willing to please them. Groupie groups even emerged from the scene, most notably Los Angeles’s The GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously) led by one of the most famous muses Pamela des Barres, who was called Miss Pamela. Led Zeppelin was at the top of the list for sexual accomplishments so the bandmates pretty much had their choice for who they wished to please each night. Because of such an excess of sex, Led Zeppelin got pretty weird with their sexual encounters in order to mix it up, but often took it much too far. Here are some alleged strange and repulsive tales of groupies’ (and non-groupies) experiences with the no.1 band of the ‘70s.