The Breakup Of The Greatest Band In History

The band that took the world by storm. (Getty)

A few splits have rocked the collective world: Ross and Rachel, Kim and Kanye, the Koreas but few can match the disbanding of The Beatles. The greatest band in the world, maybe ever, took nations by storm. Beatlemania of the ‘60s would break the internet if it occurred today. 3,000 screaming fans nearly caused a riot when the British rock-and-roll quartet stepped off the plane at JFK airport. 73 million people and a whopping 40% of Americans tuned in to watch them make an appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show.”

Less than eight years later, the show was over and people have asked, “Who broke up The Beatles?” ever since. Was it the mysterious Yoko Ono, or the musical rivalry between Paul McCartney and John Lennon? Read on to find out what Sir McCartney revealed about the break-up of the world’s biggest band.