Beatles Love Me Do

By | July 29, 2021

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The beginning for the Beatles. (liveabout)

The Beatles, arguably the most popular and most influential band in history, started with two English schoolboys skipping class to write songs. In 1958 at ages 16 and 17 respectively, Paul McCartney and John Lennon penned “Love Me Do” while playing hooky. It wasn’t the first song the iconic duo wrote but it was the first they felt good enough to record.

McCartney’s girlfriend at the time, Iris Caldwell became the inspiration for “Love Me Do” and laid the groundwork for massive success for years to come. Oddly enough, American radio stations questioned the song’s potential in the United States. Nevertheless, the song became a hit in the UK and helped fuel Beatlemania years later in the States.

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History in the making. (pinterest)

A Troubled Beginning

“Love Me Do” earned the notable distinction as the Beatles’ first single. However, when they first played the song for George Martin, who served as an influential figure in their success, he wasn’t sold. First, he wanted some harmonica, which thankfully Lennon knew how to play. In fact, he stole the harmonica he used from a music store in Denmark! That meant McCartney had to do the singing. According to the legend, you can hear his nerves in the audition.