Those Clunky Clogs: A '70s Trend From The Dutch And The Swedes

Vogue, 1971: A model wearing a wooly ski jumpsuit by Anne Klein, Calderon belt with Famolare clogs and rabbit fur Gottesman gloves. (Photo by Gianni Penati/Condé Nast via Getty Images)

The wooden shoes known as clogs were essential '70s footwear in America -- even though they date back centuries, and were imported from the Netherlands via Scandinavia. The clunky sandals got a high-fashion make-over in the '70s and hit the streets of the United States with all the power of a full-fledged fad. Everyone wore clogs -- women, men, schoolgirls, top fashion models, celebrities. There was a style of clog for everyone. The chunky, clompy shoe trotted into American culture and became a mainstay of 1970s fashion