That Time Bewitched's Elizabeth Montgomery Played An Axe Murderer

Elizabeth Montgomery as Lizzie Borden. Source: IMDB

In 1975, Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame starred in The Legend of Lizzie Borden, a historical mystery made-for-TV movie on ABC. The program chronicled the Borden murders of 1892, with the star of Bewitched playing Lizzie Borden. Ironically, it has been reported that the real Lizzie Borden and Elizabeth Montgomery were actually distant relatives. The research was compliments of genealogist, Rhonda McClure, who had done extensive research on the family connection. Katherine Helmond, later famous for Soap and Who's the Boss?, played Emma Borden.

The film included scenes of Lizzie being in prison as the only suspect for the crime. During the trial, the scandalous -- and unverified -- story emerged that she committed the murders in the nude and meticulously bathed after each murder. This story explained why she never had any blood found on her.