Elizabeth Montgomery And 'Bewitched:' Behind The Scenes

By | May 31, 2018

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Elizabeth Montgomery of 'Bewitched,' circa 1960; Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur on 'Bewitched.' Source: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images; IMDB.

On Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha, a suburban witch who casts spells by twitching her nose -- ok, so it wasn't a documentary. But this was the age of the "magic" sitcom, with I Dream Of Jeannie, The Munsters and My Mother The Car competing for viewership. From 1964 to 1972, audiences tuned in to see the  bewitching beauty Elizabeth Montgomery and her magical relatives pull their tricks on befuddled mortals, including her own husband Darrin Stephens, played by Dick York (and later, Dick Sargent). The magical effects on Bewitched were primitive by today's standards, but they were good enough for the '60s, and now have a retro appeal.

Eight Seasons Of The Witch

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As the story goes, Samantha married her mortal husband without revealing to him the fact that she possessed the ability to perform magic. When he found out about her powers, he had strictly forbidden her from using them. While she did her best to comply with his wishes, she continuously found herself using her powers to get out of some jam. Ultimately, Darrin, her husband, would find out about her noncompliance and lose his temper; only to forgive her in the end. In a nutshell, this was the crux of each episode with Darrin’s boss, Larry, the nosey neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz, and various members of Samantha’s family, who also had magic powers.