Jimmie 'JJ' Walker: 'Good Times' Wasn't Such A Good Time

Jimmie Walker in 1974. (Photo by John D. Kisch/Separate Cinema Archive/Getty Images)

As the character JJ Evans on Good Times, famous for dropping the catchphrase "Dyn-O-Mite!," actor and standup comedian Jimmie Walker became one of the best-loved sitcom stars in the mid-'70s. Walker, who is currently in his early 70s, doesn't pull punches -- perhaps it's his standup comedy heritage that makes him such a truth-teller. He was recently interviewed by the Television Academy, and his insights about Good Times and his castmates are eye-opening.

We've all had good jobs and bad. Sometimes, the people you work with feel like a family, and sometimes they really don't. Jimmie Walker ended up playing a part on a show about a close-knit family, but his TV family -- his co-stars -- were far from close in real life. Good Times was on the air from 1974-79, and it was a quality show with a great cast. Walker, though, feels the show could have lasted even longer if everyone had been on the same page. Instead, Walker and his co-stars -- particularly Esther Rolle and John Amos, his TV parents -- were more or less strangers.