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Entertainment | September 26, 2018

Lee Majors in Automobile Actor Lee Majors riding in an automobile during a scene from his television show, The Six Million Dollar Man.

American actor, Lee Majors, was and is a part of our American entertainment history. His story is somewhat unconventional. He lost both of his parents in separate accidents as an infant. He was subsequently adopted by family members who raised him as their own.

Early on, Majors was an athlete and earned an athletic scholarship to attend college. After suffering an unfortunate, sports-related injury, his once-promising athletic career ended. After his injury, a career in football would not be in Lee Major’s future.

Lee Majors then turned his career focus to acting after accepting a job with the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department.

Although Majors graduated from college with a degree in Physical Education, he didn’t pursue that particular career. Lee Majors decided to turn his focus to an acting career. After graduating from college, Lee Majors accepted a position with the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department. During his employment there, he found himself in the presence of many notable personalities and actors.

Lee Majors came into contact with James Dean’s (one time) agent, Dick Clayton, who suggested he attend acting school.

Dick Clayton, an acting agent, as well as other notable acting industry professionals, noticed that Lee Majors had a talent that should be pursued. Until this time, Majors’ name was Harvey Lee Yeary. After he began his acting career, he adopted the “stage name,” Lee Majors.

Lee Majors’ stage name was assumed in honor and acknowledgment of his childhood hero, Johnny Majors.

Johnny Majors was, at the time, a football player for the University of Tennessee. He would later become a coach for the same team. The point is, however, that he was Lee Majors’ idol. Although Lee Majors pursued an acting career, he never dismissed his love of football.

Lee Majors is probably best known for his roles in The Big Valley, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy.

Back in the day, Lee Majors was a young woman’s heartthrob. He portrayed Heath Barkley on the television, Western series, The Big Valley. Little brother, Heath, was the youngest brother on the show and had all the women swooning. As the storyline went, Heath was the illegitimate son in the family. His father had died, and he had to make his own way into the family. The hit series also starred Barbara Stanwick, Linda Evans, Richard Long and Peter Breck.  

Colonel Steve Austin… “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him…. bigger, faster, stronger!”

Majors’ next notable role on a television series was on The Six Million Dollar Man. His character, Steve Austin, an astronaut, had suffered a serious accident in the course of carrying out his duties. He went down in a fiery plane crash which left him with debilitating injuries. In order to save his life and make him whole, he was turned into the bionic man! As the story went, the bionic implants used to put his body back together gave him superhuman strength and abilities which he used to thwart the forces of evil! The show was a huge hit with both men and women.

The Fall Guy, starring Lee Majors, was another one of his hit series.

Lee Majors portrayed Colt Seavers in the once-popular television series, The Fall Guy. Seavers was a Hollywood stuntman by day and a bounty hunter by night. He didn’t possess any superhuman strength this time. Seavers relied solely on his own abilities but always got the job done.

Lee Majors was once referred to as, “the blond Elvis Presley.”

From major (no pun intended) acting rolls to high profile marriages, Lee Majors has always been a well recognizable face. He was highly sought in Hollywood at one time and loved every minute of it.  

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