Electra Woman and Dyna Girl From The Krofft Supershow: TV's Original Fourth-Best Super Ladies 

By | January 1, 2019

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'Electra Woman and Dyna Girl', starring Judy Strangis and Deidre Hall- Airdate September 11, 1976. Source: (ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

In 1976, the original Electra Woman and Dyna Girl of the Krofft Supershow made their debut. Like most entertainment created by Sid and Marty Krofft, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl was colorful and campy. The plots were easy to grasp, and the special effects were primitive. But Sid and Marty Krofft were experts at this stuff, and the kids loved it. Do you remember Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?

With the original Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, the Krofft Supershow bought into the biggest TV trend of the day. But had the trend jumped the shark? In September 1975, TV got its first-ever series centered on a female superhero when Isis (later called The Secrets of Isis) joined CBS's Saturday Morning lineup. Wonder Woman followed soon after, as did the Six Million Dollar Man spinoff The Bionic Woman. Clearly, the real spirit of '76 was girl power, and Sid and Marty Krofft weren't going to miss out. When The Krofft Supershow debuted on September 11, 1976, one of its four 15-minute regular segments was a series about costumed female crime fighters. In their public life, they were co-workers Lori and Judy, but when villainy reared its ugly head, the pair donned fabulous form-fitting outfits and became Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

Who Were Electra Woman And Dyna Girl?

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Source: IMBD.com

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were spandex-wearing, crime-fighting superheroes, played by Deidre Hall and Judy Strangis. In the show, the two women were reporters at a news magazine, giving them access to breaking crime news. When any one of several costumed villains struck in the city, the mild-mannered reporters quickly became Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and set off to fight the criminals using technologically advanced tools and gadgets.