Cookie Monster Was First Created As A Promotion For 'Munchos' Potato Chips

Sesame Street Muppet Cookie Monster poses for photographs during a press conference in January 2013. Photo by Georg Wendt/picture alliance via Getty Images

If not for General Foods Canada, Cookie Monster might never have come to be. The cookie-crazed Muppet of Sesame Street fame, known for sloppily devouring cookies while barking "om-nom-nom," began life as a quirky snack-snatching monster. He pilfered cheesy Canadian snacks, then moved on to Frito-Lay potato crisps before joining Sesame Street for its debut episode. Cookie Monster's story reflects the journey of creator Jim Henson, who spent years making TV commercials and doing talk-show guest appearances with his Muppets before they found a home on Sesame Street (and, later, The Muppet Show).