Cookie Monster Was First Created As A Promotion For 'Munchos' Potato Chips

By | September 5, 2019

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Sesame Street Muppet Cookie Monster poses for photographs during a press conference in January 2013. Photo by Georg Wendt/picture alliance via Getty Images

If not for General Foods Canada, Cookie Monster might never have come to be. The cookie-crazed Muppet of Sesame Street fame, known for sloppily devouring cookies while barking "om-nom-nom," began life as a quirky snack-snatching monster. He pilfered cheesy Canadian snacks, then moved on to Frito-Lay potato crisps before joining Sesame Street for its debut episode. Cookie Monster's story reflects the journey of creator Jim Henson, who spent years making TV commercials and doing talk-show guest appearances with his Muppets before they found a home on Sesame Street (and, later, The Muppet Show).

Cookie Monster Was First Known As 'Wheel-Stealer'

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The Earliest Rendering of the Wheel Stealer Who Became the Cookie Monster (

Like any hard-working actor on his way up, Cookie Monster didn’t start as Cookie Monster. When the googly-eyed mountain of blue fur first tried his hand in show business, he was known as Wheel-Stealer. He and two other monsters, Flute-Snatcher and Crown-Grabber joined forces to conceivably steal Canadian food called flutes, wheels, and crowns (whatever those are), snacks produced by General Foods Canada. Clearly, Cookie Monster got his table thievery underway early.