TV In The '60s: Three Channels, So Many Classic Shows

Rod Serling on 'The Twilight Zone;' Barbara Feldon and Don Adams on 'Get Smart.' Source: IMDB

In the 1960s, you didn't have the deluxe package of premium channels and six ESPNs and on-demand everything -- you had three channels and programming happened on a schedule. You didn't have DVR -- hell, the VCR wasn't even a consumer product yet. And even so -- the television was amazing. There's a reason so many '60s shows continued as re-runs for decades afterward. This was sharply-written, well conceived programming. Twilight Zone might stand as the best collection of writing in TV history, while Get Smart was satirizing popular cinema in real time. And was there a single character on Addams Family who wasn't portrayed perfectly? '60s television shows set a high bar for the entertainment that has followed since. Here's one fan's attempt at a shortlist -- what shows would you pick?