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Entertainment | November 24, 2018

LISA LORING THE ADDAMS FAMILY - 'Lurch Learns to Dance' - December 11, 1964. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

The Addams Family is a TV series that originally aired from 1964 to 1966. The concept of The Addams Family started out as the brain child of Charles Addams who wrote a cartoon column for The New Yorker publication.

The Addams Family TV series was considered to be a close rival of another hit TV series of the era, The Munsters. The youngest Addams family member was named, Wednesday.

The youngest Addams child on the series was named, Wednesday Friday Addams, originally portrayed by, then child actress, Lisa Loring. Loring has been quoted as saying, "I learned to memorize before I could read." She was so young when she auditioned and was cast in this role that she still wasn’t an accomplished reader. Loring had to memorize what she was to say rather than read it.

Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Lisa Loring, was reportedly one of creator Charles Addams’ favorite characters.

Lisa Loring portrayed Wednesday Addams on the iconic TV series, The Addams Family. When asked about her acting experience, Loring described her life as "surreal." As it turned out, her TV persona may have had a better life than the real little girl did. Loring’s parents divorced shorty after she was born. Later, she lost her mother due to complications of alcohol addiction. Loring was no stranger of real-life woe as she also suffered from addiction at one time.  

Lisa Loring beat out 2 other child actors who were in the running to be cast as Wednesday Addams.

In addition to Lisa Loring, the original cast of The Addams Family, other immediate family members included John Aston, Carolyn Jones and Ken Weatherwax.  The regular Addams family members consisted of mother, father, brother and sister… not to mention the grandmother and the ever-faithful butler, Lurch, portrayed by Ted Cassidy. Each character brought their own special nuance to the TV series, but the fact is that Wednesday Addams and Lurch, the butler, enjoyed a close and special relationship… they looked out for each other.

Lisa Loring portrayed Wednesday Addams in the hit TV series, The Addams Family. The initial cartoon version of The Addams Family did not reveal any names for the main characters. It wasn’t until 1964, when the hit show made its way to the TV screen that they all had names. Wednesday Addams was the daughter and youngest child of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Wednesday’s older brother was named, Pugsley.

Lisa Loring’s character, Wednesday Addams, was named with a well-known, children’s nursery rhyme in mind that included the words, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

Loring’s character, Wednesday Addams, was originally the epitome of everything sad, unfeeling and disassociated with human emotion. She was recognized for her pale skin tone, bitter/cold attitude and her mostly black attire. Initially this character was thought to be evil, however, as the TV series evolved, Wednesday Addams seemed to soften; although she was often known to play with her signature, headless doll and a pet spider.

If anyone has ever seen The Addams Family, they will surely remember the tune of the iconic opening theme song composed by Vic Mizzy.

Back in the 60’s, TV shows were broadcast in black and white. The Addams Family was a half hour series that aired on the ABC network back in the groovy era. Vic Mizzy composed the theme song to this iconic show that many still remember today. The show always opened with the family snapping their fingers to the lyrics and tune of this unmistakable theme song.

Many child actors/actresses have found themselves to be catapulted into adulthood before their time. Lisa Loring was no exception to this rule having married the first time at age 15. This marriage failed and was followed by 3 others.

Lisa Loring is all grown up and says that she has “fond memories” of the time she spent working on The Addams Family. The cast was a close-knit group and with Ted Cassidy being her favorite.

After The Addams Family, Loring appeared in As The World Turns, a popular daytime soap opera, as Cricket Montgomery as well as appearing in some movies. She spends less time acting these days but doesn’t regret one minute of her career. She reports that, "I do autograph shows all over the USA;” and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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