'What Did You Think?' When Family Ties And Sad Michael J. Fox Made 'At This Moment' A #1 Hit

By | May 27, 2020

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The first kiss between Alex P. Keaton and Ellen (played by Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan) was a big deal on Family Ties, and it made "At This Moment" a big hit for Billy Vera. The scene, from the season four premiere, plays in the background at a fraternity party, the lyric "What did you think / I would do at this moment" can be heard clearly several times. Alex pulls Ellen out onto the dance floor, then kisses her, and she runs off. A heartbreaking case of unrequited sitcom love. 

Audiences said "Yeah, but that song playing in the background -- what was that song?

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The biggest record Rhino Records ever produced. (offtherecord)

Few things in life age as well as wine but Billy Vera’s 1981 heartstring-tugging “At This Moment” gave old vino a run for its money. In the ’80s Billy Vera snagged some success as a songwriter, scribing “I Got The Feeling” for Dolly Parton. Despite creating a number #1 country hit, Vera struggled to break through, posting some modest successes for a Japanese-owned Alfa label. Vera’s path to recognition followed an unusual path. For example, his greatest hit, “At This Moment,” climbed to #1 in the country 5 years after it initially debuted. Vera owes his success to his serious work ethic, luck, and a little show called “Family Ties.”