Trippy Photos From The 60s Of Psychedelic Everything

By | July 4, 2018

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Hippie Couple Smoking in Psychedelic Bedroom (Getty Images)

The groovy era was a time of cultural change, to say the least. The counterculture generation was all about new ideas, tolerance and, yes… bucking the system! That concept, in and of itself, would seem to be somewhat destructive and counterproductive in general, but that was not necessarily the case.

Social norms were beginning to be challenged in the groovy era!

During this time, (mainly) young people were beginning to realize that, although they didn’t speak for everyone, they did have a voice; a voice they were all too willing to use! Hippies, as this demographic was called, joined forces to embark on somewhat of a social revolt. This revolt included all sorts of changes that mainstream America could have never seen coming.

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Woodstock 1969

Recreational and hallucinogenic drugs were called “trippy” back in the groovy era.



1. informal suggestive of or resembling the effect produced by a hallucinogenic drug

If something was called, “trippy,” you can be sure it was something awesome… at least to the hippy crowd.