Things You Didn’t Know About The NeverEnding Story

By Linda Speckhals
Source: (IMDb).

The NeverEnding Story tells the tale of a young boy, Bastian (Barrett Oliver), who steals a book and reads it in the scariest room in his school. As he reads, the audience experiences the story as well; the characters in the book also become aware of Bastian’s involvement in the story. The story is about a force called The Nothing, which is destroying Fantasia because people are not reading fiction, and it seems their imaginations are suffering. At the center of Fantasia is the Empress (Tami Stronach). She is at the center of the story, and her sickness endangers the entire world of Fantasia. To save her, Bastian must rename her; in the film, the name is muffled when he does so. However, in the book and the script, her new name was Moon Child.

The Author Hated The Movie

The film was based on the book of the same name by Michael Ende. Ende, however, did not like the movie, right from the beginning with the script as he didn’t want changes to be made to his original story. He also didn’t like the way Falkor was portrayed as the luckdragon looked like a dog. He wanted them to change the film's name and had his own name removed from the opening credits.