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Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman: Behold The Wonder Wardrobe

Entertainment | September 22, 2017

Wonder Woman and other Amazonians in their athletic attire, from the series pilot. Source: IMDB

Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman is the canonical screen version -- Gal Gadot isn't bad, but she's not Lynda. We can all picture that groovy costume Carter wore most of the time, but do you recall the other outfits worn by Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman? There was the wetsuit, the Olympic games getup, the Western Wonder Woman -- turns out she had quite the wardrobe as well.

Wonder Woman made the leap from DC Comics to television in 1975, starring Lynda Carter (who was Miss World America 1972) as the Amazon superheroine for three seasons. With her bullet-deflecting bracelets, tiara, magic belt and golden lasso, she fought villains with style and ease.

When we first meet Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor (played by Lyle Waggoner from The Carol Burnett Show) crashed his airplane on the uncharted island after fighting a Nazi plane. This island just happens to be inhabited by Amazons, lucky guy! Cloris Leachman portrayed Diana Prince’s mother, the Amazon Queen. Diana leaves the island after disguising herself in an Olympic-style fight of Amazons to see who gets to accompany Steve back home. Against her mother’s wishes, she leaves the island to help Steve fight the Germans. The TV series had her travel around in her invisible airplane, unlike the recent blockbuster film.

Diana Prince On And Off The Job

Three looks, one heroine. Source: IMDB

Whether fighting crime in costume or dressed in her daily duds, Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman always dressed sharp -- just because you're in disguise as your alter ego doesn't mean you can't look fabulous! The first season was set in World War II, and Diana was in the military, so the outfit had a conservative, but classic look. The second and third season Wonder Woman was set in the late 1970s, and for these episodes, Diana Prince’s wardrobe was a perfect example of the disco-era. She had a collection of floppy hats, wide flared pants, over-sized earrings, flowing satin dresses and huge, Elton John-style glasses

Going Western And Going Wetsuit

Wonder Woman in her 'Western' outfit, and in the wetsuit. Source: IMDB

Wonder Woman had some lesser-used outfits, including some variations on the standard costume that involved a cape and skirt. Then there was the radically different "western" look, which she wore in just one episode, "The Bushwhackers" from season one. On a few occasions, Wonder Woman donned a wetsuit-like outfit that covered her whole body in shimmering spandex. When worn with a helmet, it was her motorcycling look; sans helmet it was for swimming. MeTV counts 11 different looks for Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman in all.

Wonder Girl Had An Outfit Too

Debra Winger's 'Wonder Girl' costume was similar, but different. Source: Pinterest.

In Season One, Diana had a little sister, Wonder Girl, who was played by Debra Winger and wore a variation on Carter's getup. In that first season, Diana (who, remember, is an Amazon) takes on the identity of a Navy Yeoman Petty Officer First Class for her alter ego. Season Two had Waggoner's character changed to Steve Trevor Jr., the son of his original character. Another change was the title, which was now The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. She becomes an agent with the Inter-Agency Defense Command (IADC), a CIA or FBI-type organization fighting crime. 

Strength And Bravery Were Part Of The Look

Wonder Woman's super strength was part of the show's premise -- but in 'Anschluss '77' Lynda Carter actually risked her life. Source: IMDB

Also in Season Two, Lynda Carter was behind one of the craziest stunts of 1970s TV, she risked her life for the "perfect" shot. She had a stunt double who helped out with dangerous stunts, but this one she did all on her own! While filming the episode "Anschluss 77" it was apparent that the stunt double didn't look anything like Carter. So with the sun setting and the chance to shoot the scene dwindling, Carter herself held onto the helicopter with her bare hands as it rose up in the air and she dangled from the strut.

What Would She Have Worn In A Fourth Season? We'll Never Know

Having your memory wiped is never fun. Source: IMDB

In Season Three, Wonder Woman had a serious, emotional story in a two-part episode. Her identity is revealed, as a teenage boy sees Diana transforming into Wonder Woman. She wipes out his memory, but a photo in his pocket at the end of the show suggests the secret might come up again in his mind. This hints at where the series might have gone in a fourth season, in a more dramatic tone and also a move for Diana to Los Angeles.

A New Wonder Woman, A New Costume

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Source: IMDB

Now a new audience has fallen in love with Wonder Woman, the 2017 film starring Gal Gadot as the iconic character raked in around half a billion at the box office. This gives new meaning to the term, “Girl Power”! 

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