Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman: Behold The Wonder Wardrobe

Wonder Woman and other Amazonians in their athletic attire, from the series pilot. Source: IMDB

Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman is the canonical screen version -- Gal Gadot isn't bad, but she's not Lynda. We can all picture that groovy costume Carter wore most of the time, but do you recall the other outfits worn by Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman? There was the wetsuit, the Olympic games getup, the Western Wonder Woman -- turns out she had quite the wardrobe as well.

Wonder Woman made the leap from DC Comics to television in 1975, starring Lynda Carter (who was Miss World America 1972) as the Amazon superheroine for three seasons. With her bullet-deflecting bracelets, tiara, magic belt and golden lasso, she fought villains with style and ease.

When we first meet Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor (played by Lyle Waggoner from The Carol Burnett Show) crashed his airplane on the uncharted island after fighting a Nazi plane. This island just happens to be inhabited by Amazons, lucky guy! Cloris Leachman portrayed Diana Prince’s mother, the Amazon Queen. Diana leaves the island after disguising herself in an Olympic-style fight of Amazons to see who gets to accompany Steve back home. Against her mother’s wishes, she leaves the island to help Steve fight the Germans. The TV series had her travel around in her invisible airplane, unlike the recent blockbuster film.