The Brief Rise And Fall Of Dogpatch USA

Source: (Library of Congress).

Starting on August 13, 1934, newspapers across America and Canada began publishing Li’l Abner written and drawn by Al Capp. The comic strip, which ran until November 13, 1977, was about a group of fictional characters in an impoverished Appalachian village, Dogpatch.

When Albert Raney Sr. decided to sell his family’s farm in 1966, the listing agent noted that it would be ideal for a pioneer-themed amusement park. The listing agent, O.J. Snow, thought that the farm resembled features from Li’l Abner, including the “bottomless canyon,” and “Dogpatch Canyon,” where Dogpatch canyon characters brewed Kickapoo Joy Juice. After Snow and his fellow businessmen formed Recreation Enterprises Incorporated (REI), they obtained permission from Al Capp to create the park, which Capp agreed to and became a partner in the project.