The Best Behind The Scene Stories Of Tom Hanks' "Big"

By Kellar Ellsworth
Actor Tom Hanks shot in Los Angeles for the film Big with actress Elizabeth Perkins. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis via Getty Images)

In 1988, “Big” starring Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins set the gold standard for “age-changing” comedies. That’s saying something as the ‘80s really loved a man-child reversal. In fact, the era of excess saw a staggering five magical maturations or the reverse in ‘87 and ‘88 alone!

That glut led to Hanks and Perkins lamenting the film’s fate as a “straight to video” disaster. However, thanks to the deft touch of director Penny Marshall, “Big” lorded over the box office to the tune of $151 million against a budget of just $18 million. Here are the best behind-the-scene tidbits from “Big.”