Taking A Fateful Trip To Gilligan’s Island

By | March 18, 2022

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Gilligan’s Island got its start in a public speaking class at New York University. When the professor asked students to improvise a one-minute speech explaining what they would want to have with them on a deserted island, Sherwood Schwartz took note. The idea would take shape when Schwartz was a comedy writer. He pitched the story of dissimilar individuals who must live and work together after being stranded. Schwartz imagined it as a microcosm of world politics and would teach the lesson that people can get along when they have to. 

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The Original Show Only Ran Three Seasons

The show ran from September 26, 1964 until April 17, 1967, a total of 98 episodes. When it began it was filmed in black and white, but by the second and third season, it was in color. During its first run, it had solid ratings, but became more popular once it was in syndication.