1965: SpaghettiOs Were Invented And Sold For The First Time (History Of Campbell's SpaghettiOs Pasta)

By | May 14, 2020

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A smiling SpaghettiOs face, with meatball nose, from a vintage label. Source: flickr.com

Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs. It doesn’t seem like this would be the best tagline for a canned pasta-and-tomato-sauce meal that was meant to be a simple and easy way for busy moms to feed their kids, but it worked. Since its introduction by Campbell's Franco-American brand in 1965 this simple and (allegedly) “less messy” pasta dish has been a part of meal time for decades. The perfect combination of marketing and culinary innovation, SpaghettiOs sell to the tune of hundreds of millions of cans a year. They’re a pantry staple, a much loved item, simple to eat and essentially nostalgia in a can. You don’t have to love SpagettiOs but you’ve got to respect them.

SpaghettiOs Came About When Campbell’s Wanted To Spice Up Their Product Line

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The Campbell’s soup company started producing basic products in 1869 - soups, beans, just the essentials, but by the 1960s they were ready to make a change and kick things up a notch. Donald Goerke had been working with the company since the 1950s under their Franco-American brand, and he was challenged with the prospect of creating a pasta dish that was easy to eat.

Moms were going to work and it was a hassle to make a full meal every night, so Goerke and his team got the idea to make a can of spaghetti that could be heated up quickly, providing a hot dinner in a snap. Goerke thought that kids would be bored with a standard noodle and he put his team to the task of figuring out something exciting.