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Entertainment | September 4, 2018

American actress Sissy Spacek as the telekinetic protagonist of the horror film 'Carrie', 1976. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

The epic movie, Carrie, was considered to be a supernatural horror film. It was released in 1976 and was based on one of Stephen King’s novels, by the same name. Considering that King was the mastermind behind the story, it should come as no surprise how well it did in the box office.

Carrie, received 2 Academy Award nominations.

The movie went over in a huge way with audiences and rightfully so. Sissy Spacek, who portrayed the title role of, Carrie, and Piper Laurie, who portrayed her abusive mother were responsible for the film earning 2 Academy Award nominations. Both women were very deserving of all of the praise they received for their roles in the film.

Several young actors’ careers were boosted by Carrie, including John Travolta.

Until Carrie was released in the mid 70’s, audiences were accustomed to seeing what classified as horror movies, but this one took the cake! Carrie was one of the films that paved the way for future horror movies, leading to what we now consider to be “scary.” Early on, horror movies were thought to be far-fetched. There wasn’t always a big draw to them because they were mostly low budget, and poorly made. It wasn’t until films like this one that audiences considered that the plot of horror movies weren’t always out of the realm of reality. What if…?

It was somewhat unsettling to actually be able to identify with the plot of the film. Carrie, the girl, was 16 years old, shy, a little odd and by no means popular with the other students at her high school. After she was mortified by an “unfortunate event” in the locker room shower, she was relentlessly bullied by a group of mean girls. As a result of the mistreatment at school as well as at home, Carrie discovered that she had telekinesis, which she then used to her advantage.

This bullying led to a vicious prank, leaving Carrie covered in blood from a pig on the stage of her high school prom. When Carrie stood on that stage and the bucket of pig’s blood came violently splashing down on her, it took audiences by such surprise. It was like nothing we had seen before. This act led to Carrie using her supernatural abilities to carryout a massacre that no prom had ever known before.  

Carrie’s disturbed mother stabbed her causing Carrie to defend herself with her powers, eventually leaving them both dead inside the crumbled remains of their house.

In the end, the lone survivor of the prom massacre is shown laying flowers at the site of Carrie’s demolished house when all of the sudden, a bloody arm reaches up through the debris and grabs her. The shock of being grabbed startled her awake from what was a nightmare that would haunt her for the rest of her life. It was positively chilling!

Below you will find some interesting facts about this epic film.

  • Carrie was the first one of Stephen King’s published novels to have been made into a feature film. Since then, over 100 others have been produced.
  • Melanie Griffith auditioned for the title role of, Carrie.
  • Sissy Spacek had no intentions of auditioning for the film. Her husband, Jack Fisk, finally convinced her that she should. After he had talked her into it, he then had to persuade the producer to allow her to audition.
  • In order to be available for her audition, Sissy Spacek had to cancel the filming of a television commercial she was scheduled shoot. In an attempt to get into character, she showed up at the audition for Carrie, with Vaseline in her hair, a dirty face and wearing sailor’s dress, handmade by her mother when she was in the 7th grade. They liked what they saw and she got the part!
  • Betsy Slade was producer’s first choice for the title role of, Carrie.
  • Stephen King was just 26 years old when he was approached about selling the movie rights. He was paid only $2,500.
  • The production budget was $1.8 million, which was considered to be somewhat low for this type of film. Certain scenes had to be eliminated due to lack of funds.

Sissy Spacek is an all-American actress and singer. Her talents include major films, television appearances, songs and albums. She began her notable career as a model and an “extra” in not so noteworthy films. She reached for the stars and never looked back!

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