Sandy Warner: Exotica King Martin Denny's Cover Girl

Sandy Warner on the covers of 'Exotica' and 'Primitiva,' albums by exotica musician Martin Denny. Source: Flickr

You’ve seen Sandra "Sandy" Warner on Martin Denny's album covers, even if you're not sure who Martin Denny is. The albums had titles like Exotica, Primitiva, Quiet Village, Afro-Desia, and The Enchanted Sea, and the music Martin Denny played was in the very dated genre known as exotica. Sandy Warner was an actress and singer, but will always be most famous as the face of exotica.

It's fair to say Sandy Warner is the second-most famous album cover model of the vinyl era, behind Dolores Erickson, Herb Alpert's "whipped cream girl."