Remember Romper Room?

By | November 5, 2018

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Hostess Susan Gifford of the TV show 'Romper Room' instructing the children. (Photo by Carl Iwasaki/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

If you are a child of the sixties or seventies, you probably remember watching Romper Room, a children’s series that was in its prime during the groovy era but ran much longer than that. From 1953 all the way through 1994, preschool children got to learn and play along with a group of television children in the Romper Room, a TV series that was unusual in that it was both franchised and syndicated. Let’s see why this series was so unique. 

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Romper Room was a Franchised Series

As part of a franchise agreement, local television stations could offer their own version of Romper Room to their viewers. From franchise to franchise, the show was essentially the same…same format, same script…but the hostess and the children were local to the viewing area. But the shows were also syndicated and broadcast in markets where there was no franchise. Some areas tailored the boxed script to fit their geographic needs. For example, the script was translated into Spanish and broadcast to the large Hispanic population in San Antonio, Texas.