Beverly Cleary And Ramona Quimby Changed How Kids Read

By Cyn Felthousen-Post
Louis Darling's cover art for the 1968 hardcover edition of 'Ramona The Pest' by Beverly Cleary. Source: eBay,

Ramona Quimby, a creation of author Beverly Cleary, was a part of many young readers' childhoods in the 1970s and '80s. Though Ramona made an first appearance in Cleary's first book, published in 1950, she didn't get a starring role until 1955's Beezus And Ramona, though it's fair to say that Ramona mania didn't begin until Ramona The Pest, from 1968. Ramona The Brave, Ramona And Her Father, and Ramona And Her Mother all hit children's bookstores and libraries in the '70s, and a generation of readers made the transition from picture books to chapter books by following the adventures of an ordinary girl trying to cope with the challenges of school, friends and family.