Pictures That Show Just How Crazy 1970s Disco Really Was

By | August 31, 2017

Bill Murray dancing with Gilda Radner at Studio 54 in 1978.

Disco clubs were all the rage throughout the 1970s and while all of them boasted similar music and decor only a few clubs became iconic and none were as legendary as New York’s Studio 54. The club scene offered a safe haven of acceptance and excitement to those a little on the weird side. People of various professions and social classes could all let loose together and forget the expectations of the world outside.  

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The Woodstock generation was thrust into this whole sparkling little world of 70s’ disco that embraced their idealism, sexual freedom, and drug use and gave it a place to call home. Everything just came together as a reflection of the times on those mirrored strobe-lit dance floors, in a way that it never will again.

No club could attract a crowd like Studio 54

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 Studio 54 quickly built up a conflicting reputation for itself. It seemed the population was torn, people either absolutely loved the club or couldn't stand it. There didn't seem to be much of an in between.

Not that it mattered, every night without fail, a crowd of people would flock to the doors of the legendary Studio 54 in hopes of getting in. And who could blame them? The place was filled with celebrities who knows who you might run into once through those doors.