Photos From The Groovy Era That Are Too Hot For TV

Icons | April 6, 2021

Heather Thomas, 1983

source: pinterest

Yowza. That's the only word that can describe Heather Thomas in the 1970s. Heck, even in the 1980s. Double heck, even today. Most audiences know Thomas as one of the stars of The Fall Guy, but she got her start at UCLA Film School where she was studying to be a writer and director. She didn't even want to act.

Her life changed in a big way when she was cast as Jody Banks in The Fall Guy, a series that ran for five years and made her an international star. Almost overnight she went from being behind the camera talent to someone whose image was posted all over the world.

Thomas had to retire from acting because she was dealing with stalkers, but today she's still writing and working as an activist.

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