Photos From The 1980s We Had No Idea Existed


Paula Abdul showing her moves during her days as a Laker Girl.

When it comes to cool, the “old school” really lived it. Before we all started worrying about things like “the environment,” “political correctness,” and “being a good person,” cool came easy... to some. From Paul Newman to ‘80s action movies, and concept cars, the old school cool really set the standard. Here’s 50 pictures that will take you back to another era of awesome.

Source: Reddit

The singer famous for "Straight Up," "Forever Your Girl," "Cold Hearted," and "The Promise of a New Day" actually got her start as a Laker girl. According to her, she tried out two other times under different names and outfits before earning her spot. Abdul then worked her way up to head choreographer where the Jacksons took notice. And to think where’d we be as a culture if she never got her chance.