Nancy Sinatra's Salacious "These Boots Are Meant For Walkin'

"These Boots are Made For Walkin" put young Nancy on the map. discogs

When it comes to the Sinatras, Ol’ Blue Eyes obviously reigns supreme. But thanks to his daughter’s 1966 "These Boots are Made For Walkin", Nancy Sinatra carved out a decent career for herself. Many people might think that Frank Sinatra’s offspring was a one-hit wonder. However, the second Sinatra managed to chart 10 times on the US Top 40 between ‘66 and ‘68.

Although, her career appeared in jeopardy until those boots walked themselves all the way to #1 around the globe. Predictably, Nancy needed to get a little dirty to move mountains of records. Reportedly, during one of the recording sessions, she was told to sing it like “a sixteen-year-old girl who f**ks truck drivers.” Here’s the story of "These Boots are Made For Walkin", a song meant for the ‘60s.