The Most Popular Must-Have Accessories From The Groovy Era

By | November 17, 2018

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Vogue 1970 Charlotte Rampling, British actress, wearing a matching knit sweater and skirt, a wide brimmed hat by Halston and shiny boots by Charles Jourdan. (Photo by Arnaud de Rosnay/Condé Nast via Getty Images)

Getting dressed is something we all do each day. Anybody can get up, put on a pair of pants, a shirt or a dress. Simply put, that is called "putting on clothes."  Add a few baubles, bangles or beads to a simple outfit and you then you have yourself a "clothing ensemble!"

Fashion accessories have been around since the beginning of time, or so it would seem and were initially worn by the privileged as a symbol of their status.

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Queen Victoria

Throughout history, fashion accessories have been crafted and worn to make a statement of sorts. The very wealthy were known to wear brilliant headpieces and jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones. Only the upper crust could afford such extravagances and they were very easy to spot. It was their way of saying, “look at me!” And… trust me… people looked!

Fast forward to the '60s and '70s… groovy fashion accessories had become somewhat less expensive although just as socially valuable and notable.

Fashion accessories fall into a few different categories, i.e. hats, footwear, jewelry, gloves, scarves/ties, belts/buckles, and in some cases, “walking aids.” That’s right… some people find it stylish to carry a walking stick or cane just to complete their look.

Below you will find some of the “must have” fashion accessories from the groovy era… they were the finishing touches on that timeless groovy look!