Popular Music In The 1970s

NEW YORK, NY - CIRCA 1977: Peter Frampton in concert circa 1977 in New York City. (Photo by Images Press/IMAGES/Getty Images)

The 1970’s was a decade of music unlike any time in the past. There were dozens of genres to choose from and many of them rose to popularity at different points during the decade.

Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Punk Rock, Easy Listening and Disco, all carved out their own unique place in the music world during the 1970’s. Toward the end of the decade, hip-hop was born.

Some of the most awesome rock n roll of all time was recorded in the 70’s.

1970 marked the end of an era. The Beatles dissolved, suffering internal conflicts. Each went their separate ways appearing on solo albums. Arguably the world’s most famous group of all time had split up. The pop and rock music world, which The Beatles had forever changed, would never be the same.

1971 was a year full of musical nostalgia.