Lost Photos from the Swinging '60s and Groovy '70s: See Them Here for the First Time

By Sarah Norman | December 2, 2023

The groovy Jacqueline Bisset who started her acting career in the mid '60s.

These images capture a moment in history that will never be forgotten, and they offer a glimpse into the past that is truly remarkable. From candid shots of celebrities to everyday people going about their lives, these photos are a window into a world that has long since passed. You won't believe some of the things you see in these pictures, from the fashion to the hairstyles to the attitudes of the people captured in them. These lost photos are a true treasure, and they offer a unique perspective on one of the most exciting and transformative periods in modern history. Be warned, though - the following images may show you things you never knew existed, and they may leave you breathless with wonder and amazement.

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Jacqueline Bisset is an iconic actress who has been captivating audiences since the mid-1960s. With her classic beauty, effortless style, and effervescent personality, she quickly rose to stardom in Hollywood. Her memorable roles include The Deep (1977), Rich and Famous (1981), Under the Volcano (1984), and Dangerous Beauty (1998). She continues to be a sought-after star with her groovy charm that never goes out of style. From her early days as a Bond girl to her more recent work on television, Jacqueline's career spans over five decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

Marilyn Monroe’ in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

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Marilyn Monroe's iconic costume for her performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the classic film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1952) was almost drastically different. Originally, she was to wear a sheer body stocking with over 2,000 rhinestones sewn into it. However, due to a leaked photograph of Marilyn that had been taken before filming began, the costume was changed to a flesh-colored dress adorned with sequins and feathers. Despite this last-minute change, Marilyn still managed to captivate audiences with her sultry dance moves and unforgettable style."